Top 5 Skin & Face Benefits, Uses of Strawberries: Strawberry Face Mask | Scrub

I love strawberries in any form and I especially love to use it on my face. The best thing about this scrub is it can be used as a face mask too, but I always prefer to use it as a scrub. When I tried this homemade strawberry scrub, the strawberries and fresh cream in the scrub left my skin smooth and moisturized.

This scrub is ideal for people with normal to dry skin. It is especially useful during the winter months when the skin turns very dry. I have used fresh malai but if you don’t have it at home, ssubstitute it with store bought fresh cream. To make your own cream, boil full fat milk and cool the milk to room temperature.

There will be a thin layer of fat on top of milk, collect it and use. Fresh malai spoils easily, so always keep it refrigerated. The rice flour in the scrub gently removes the black heads, if used regularly.

People with oily skin can skip the malai and make the scrub with strawberries and rice flour, it will reduce excessive oiliness. This scrub keeps well for a few days, if refrigerated. If you want to use it as a face mask, apply on clean face and leave it on till it thickens and then wash it off.

Strawberries Skin Benefits:

  • It lightens and improves the skin tone considerably resulting in fair and glowing skin.
  • When combined with malai it treats dry skin very effectively 3. If used without malai, it reduces excessive oiliness of the skin
  • It also prevents acne, if used regularly and lightens acne scars.
  • When used with rice flour as a scrub, it removes blackheads from the face.
  • Since strawberries are rich in vitamin c, it prevents wrinkles and skin aging very effectively.

How To Make Strawberry Scrub:

1. Clean the strawberries, remove the stalk and puree the strawberries in the blender without adding water to a smooth paste.

2. Take the required amount of strawberry puree in a small cup. Add fresh malai to the strawberry puree and mix well.

3. Add rice flour to the strawberry – malai mixture and mix well without any lumps to form a thick paste.


  • The malai should be thick, else the scrub will be too runny.
  • Don’t add water while grinding strawberries.


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