10 Top High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Normal Range & Remedies

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High uric acid level in the blood is a common problem but there amazing remedies, treatments and foods that helps lower it naturally. The common symptom of high uric acid is gout which is very painful but we can easily prevent it if we bring down the uric acid levels to normal range.

Our body constantly works hard to get rid of the waste material and one of the waste material that is disposed of regularly is uric acid.

Uric acid is the end product of purine breakdown from the foods we eat. Usually majority of the uric acid is filtered out by the kidneys and is passed out in the urine.

Some of the uric acid also passes out through the stools. But sometimes our body does not eliminate uric acid efficiently leading to high uric acid levels in the blood.

Uric Acid Normal Range:

Usually the normal range for uric acid in the blood is between 2 mg to 4 mg/dl and the upper limit is between 6 to 7 mg/dl. If the amount uric acid is below normal range it is called hypouricemia.

Hypouricemia does not affect the body in anyway and it can be caused due to intake of certain drugs or it can be due to genetics too. It can also be caused due to certain diseases.

High Uric Acid Dangers:

If the uric acid levels are high in our body, it is called hyperuricemia. Unlike hypouricemia, hyperuricemia can be dangerous. High levels of uric acid can cause solid crystals to form in the joints leading to a painful condition called gout.

High levels of uric acid can also lead to formation of kidney stones and if untreated for a long time can lead to kidney failure.

It can also lead to high blood pressure, bone fracture risk, erectile dysfunction, certain skin disease and diabetes if left untreated.

High Uric Acid Symptoms:

Uric acid symptoms will vary from person to person. Some people might not experience any symptoms at all in the beginning while for some people it might leas to a painful condition called gout which causes joints to swell.

Along with swelling, the person also experiences severe pain, redness and tenderness in the area touched.

The crystallized uric acid which has not been removed through kidneys can also settle in the kidney resulting in kidney stones.

Uric Acid Blood Test: 

We can easily find out the uric acid level in our blood by doing a blood uric acid test. This test is usually done to check whether a person has gout or kidney stones. It is also recommended for people going through chemotherapy as it reduces uric acid levels.

Uric Acid Treatments:

Usually the treatments include drugs to lower uric acid levels in the body and also drugs for uric acid removal. Drugs are also prescribed to prevent gout and for reducing the inflammation.

The best at home treatments are to cut down on meat (purine rich foods) and high sugary foods. If you consume alcohol, I would suggest eliminating it completely.

Try to drink plenty of water and also try to consume uric acid reducing foods mentioned below on a daily basis to reduce uric acid fast.

high uric acid symptoms and causes

10 Top Causes Of High Uric Acid Levels:

1. Kidney Problems:

People with kidney problems generally have high levels of uric acid. When we have kidney problems, we don’t eliminate uric acid efficiently leading to high uric acid levels. If you are suffering from any kidney disease, it is best to check your uric acid levels.

2. Intake Of High Purine Foods:

Intake of high purine foods is also one of the major reasons for high uric acid levels. Some of the commonly consumed high purine rich foods are organ meats, duck, chicken, fish, lamb, turkey, beef (all meat varieties), sunflower seeds, raisins and pulses.

3. High Alcohol Consumption:

High alcohol consumption usually causes lots of ill effects in the body and one of the side effects is elevated uric acid levels. Consuming high levels of alcohol decreases the uric acid removal in the kidneys.

4. High Fructose Foods:

Consuming lot of sugary drinks and processed foods can also lead to high uric acid levels. Almost all the processed foods have high amount of fructose content in them. Since our kidneys have to eliminate the fructose, it reduces the uric acid removal in the kidneys.

5. Medications:

Certain drugs can increase the uric acid levels. Diuretics can reduce the amount of uric acid removal in the kidneys. Certain drugs can also affect the kidney function which in turn affects the uric acid removal.

6. High Levels Of Lead In The Body:

If there is high levels of lead in the body, it can cause kidney dysfunction which in turn will affect uric acid removal. Lead poisoning occurs when we either ingest or breathe in lead dust. Lead poisoning is more common than we think, some of the common culprits are kajal, paints, certain toys, etc.

7. Diseases:

Most kidney diseases which affects it’s function will affect the uric acid removal process too. Also certain treatments for certain diseases can increase uric acid production. For example, chemotherapy increases purine break down resulting in more uric acid production.

8. Obesity:

People who are overweight tend to have high amounts of uric acid in their bodies. Also people who go through starvation diets to lose weight will experience high uric acid levels as the body starts breaking muscle tissue and will eventually lead to high uric acid in the blood.

9. Genetics:

Some people might be genetically predisposed to having higher uric levels. The genes UCP2 and SLC2A9 plays a major role in the blood urate levels and can cause increase in uric acid levels but this might vary from person to person depending on the gender and body mass index.

10. Ageing:

Ageing also plays a huge role in increasing blood uric acid levels. Ageing, diet and life style are the major causes of high uric acid levels. Also some of the medicines used for treating certain diseases of the old age also contribute to high uric acid levels.

5 Top Foods For Reducing Uric Acid Levels:

1. Tart Cherry Juice For Lowering Uric Acid:

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Tart cherry juice has been used as a remedy for gout for centuries in many countries. They contain chemicals that help reduce uric acid levels very effectively. Try drinking a cup of tart cherry juice daily for reducing uric acid levels. You can find how to make it here.

2. Amla Juice For Lowering Uric Acid:

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Amla juice is high in vitamin C which helps neutralize the uric acid in the blood but I would suggest making your own amla juice at home for best results. Try drinking a cup of amla juice daily to reduce uric acid. You can find how to make amla juice here.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar For Lowering Uric Acid:

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Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid which helps break down and eliminate uric acid very effectively. To use, mix a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink twice daily.

4. Punarnava For Lowering Uric Acid:

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The herb punarnava helps reduce the uric acid levels if taken in the form of decoction or powder. It’s botanical name is boerhavia diffusa, the suggested dosage is usually around 250 mg per day but I would kindly suggest consulting an ayurvedic physician for the correct dosage depending on your body type.

5. Wheatgrass Juice For Lowering Uric Acid: 

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Wheatgrass juice is also an amazing remedy for reducing the uric acid in our blood. Wheatgrass juice is rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that helps detoxify our body naturally. It has alkaline properties and greatly helps the kidneys eliminate uric acid from the body. You can find how to make it here.

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