Beauty Benefits of Sandalwood: Cure for Body Odor, Acne, Boils, Acne Marks & Oily Skin

Sandalwood paste has amazing skin benefits. It keeps the skin free from boils, oiliness, acne, acne marks and is a wonderful remedy for body odor. Working out, heat, physical activity, etc causes sweating and when the bacteria in our skin comes in contact with sweat, it produces body odor/odour. The problem starts when sweating becomes excessive and the person who sweats excessively, has body odor constantly.

I still remember a friend of mine, who suffered from body odor. She was constantly teased at her back and she used to cry regularly because of this problem. Another surprising fact that I read was that even stress causes body odor. Body odor can be easily treated at home and we use fresh sandalwood paste and dried citrus peel powder to treat it. The citrus oils in the skin of the fruit helps to reduce body odor and control excessive sweating.

Also try wearing 100% cotton clothes, especially during summer to reduce body odor. Pure sandalwood kills odor causing bacteria and keeps the skin smelling fresh and clean. It also reduces excessive sweating. I have always preferred to make my own sandalwood paste by rubbing the sandalwood bark on the sandalwood stone. Sandalwood stone is a smooth stone, usually a family heirloom, that has been used especially to rub sandal wood to get sandalwood paste.

If you don’t have sandalwood bark, try to buy pure sandal wood powder. To make this remedy, first take oranges or lemons that are not wax coated, peel the skin and sun dry them till crisp. Powder the dried orange peels in a mixer to a smooth powder. Rub the sandalwood on a the sandalwood stone to get sandalwood paste along with little boiled water.

Once you have enough sandalwood paste, add the required amount of orange peel powder to the sandalwood paste and rub it into a smooth paste. This paste also prevents acne and reduces acne scars, if used on the face and is very good for people with very oily skin. This paste can be used instead of soap to clean the skin, but it has to done regularly for some days, till one gets good relief from body odor.

Home Remedy For Body Odour:

1. Peel the skin of oranges that are not wax coated and sun dry them in the sun till crisp.

2. Powder it in the mixer, when the peels are still crisp.

3. Rub the sandalwood bark on sandalwood stone to get sandalwood paste, along with little water.

4. Once you have got enough sandalwood paste, add the powdered orange peel powder and rub it into a thick paste.


  • The paste should be thick, adjust the quantity of water accordingly.
  • If used instead of soap, this paste prevents acne and oiliness in the skin.
  • If you have very dry skin, milk can be used instead of water.
  • I used orange peels, lemon peels can be used too.
  • This paste can be safely used by every one.



  1. Anonymous
    October 12, 2015 / 6:14 am

    Thank for the useful article.Do you have info about red sandalwood in your blog?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      October 14, 2015 / 4:44 pm

      Not yet, but planning to do it soon..:)

  2. Anna Poorni
    April 11, 2016 / 10:07 am

    Thanks Ramya.. Will try

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