Cumin & Palm Candy (Panakarkandu): Cure For Throat Pain

This home remedy for throat pain made with freshly ground cumin/ jeera and palm candy, commonly called” Panakarkandu”in Tamil is a very effective Indian home remedy for throat ulcer. When we get throat ulcers, it is hard to swallow food due to the pain and and it affects every one, irrespective of the age.

Throat ulcers can be caused by vitamin deficiency, taking a long course of  medications, drinking less water and even stress is known to cause throat ulcers. Though there are number of reasons for a person to get throat ulcers, the other most common culprit is food. Most of us must have experienced getting throat ulcers, when we eat out a lot. I get throat ulcers whenever I eat watermelon. Few years back, I started getting throat ulcers very often, accompanied by slight temperature.

I noticed that each time I ate watermelon, I got throat ulcer. When I went to the doctor, he mentioned that it is due to the pesticides in the watermelon and that he had other patients with the same problem. Nowadays I don’t eat watermelon at all and sadly it is one of my favorite fruits. One of our relatives mentioned being shocked, seeing the amount of pesticides being used for watermelon plants that his neighbor was growing.

Now, almost all our fruits are sprayed with pesticides, making us prone to diseases. There is a simple and effective home remedy for throat ulcers. It is a powder made out of cumin seeds and palm candy. Cumin seeds popularly called jeera is one of the essential ingredient in Indian cuisine and it is also known for it’s use in home remedies. Jeera is packed with anti inflammatory properties. The components in jeera helps relax the inflamed muscles, giving us a good relief from throat ulcers.

To make this home remedy for throat ulcer, roast jeera in a small pan till nice aroma wafts and it turns golden. Make sure not to burn it. Powder it in a mortar and pestle tp get cumin seed powder. Now add palm candy (panakalkandu in Tamil) to the pounded jeera and continue pounding it till you get a  fine mixture. Adults can take half a tsp of this mixture and quarter tsp will be enough for kids. It should be taken both morning and night, till one gets good relief. This powder actually tastes good and kids will readily eat it without making a fuss.

Cumin & Palm Candy (Panakarkandu): Cure For Throat Pain

1. Take jeera in a small pan and roast it till it is golden and nice smell wafts from it.

2. Pound it in a mortar and pestle to a fine powder.

3. This is palm candy. I always have a stock of palm candy at home.

4. Add palm candy to cumin powder and pound every thing together, till every thing is mixed well.

 5. Take the required amount of mixture along with a cup of hot water, to make it easier to swallow. Store the rest in an airtight box for future use.


  • This powder is very mild and can be safely given to young children
  • This powder also stimulates the appetite.
  • Never substitute palm candy with white sugar.


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