10 Top Turmeric Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Turmeric Face Packs

Turmeric is one of the first ingredients we reach for treating all skin infections and we mainly use it in the form of face packs. Turmeric face packs can be used for all skin types and we can prepare it in many ways. I wanted to share 10 of the best turmeric face packs that will help you achieve clear and glowing skin.

Turmeric Face Pack Benefits

  • Turmeric face packs helps treat acne, it both helps prevent and treat existing acne.
  • Turmeric face packs helps fade scars and blemishes very well, try to use them at least weekly twice to see good results.
  • They also help treat pigmentation resulting in even skin tone. Every skin colour is beautiful and in my humble opinion it will be even more beautiful if it is of even skin tone without any scars and blemishes and turmeric face packs will greatly help.
  • Turmeric face packs also helps reduce inflammation and pain and they will greatly help if you suffering from severe acne. They also reduce dark spots and blemishes very effectively.

Which Variety Of Turmeric To Use For Face Packs:

1. Normal Cooking Turmeric:

haldi face pack

The first commonly used turmeric variety for turmeric face packs is our normal turmeric that we use in our day to day cooking. As we all know, turmeric has wonderful skincare benefits, this is due to it’s powerful anti fungal and antibacterial properties.

2. Kasthuri Turmeric

turmeric and honey face pack

The second variety of turmeric is kasthuri turmeric also called as wild turmeric in English. Like white turmeric, it is also very very fragrant and is used mainly for skin care. It also does not stain the skin much like regular turmeric does.

3. White Turmeric

haldi chandan face pack

The third variety is white turmeric. White turmeric is a close relative to our regular turmeric and when dried, it has a thin brownish skin and a firm white interior. It is also very very fragrant and we can get both the dried root and the powder easily online.

10 Top Turmeric Face Packs:

1. Haldi & Chandan Face Pack

To make haldi and chandan face pack, take equal quantities of both in a bowl. Add in milk to form a spreadable paste and use it as a face pack. This pack is ideal for dry skin.

2. Haldi, Besan & Tomato Face Pack

Take a tablespoon of besan also called gram flour in a bowl. Add in half teaspoon of turmeric powder and enough fresh tomato juice (got by grinding tomato juice without adding any water in a mixer and straining). This pack treats dark spots very well

3. Curd, Lemon and Turmeric Face Pack

Take a teaspoon of kasturi turmeric powder in a bowl. Add in curd and just 2-3 drops of lemon juice and mix well. Apply as a pack, this pack helps fade scars very well.

4. Turmeric, Honey & Wheat Flour Face Pack

Take a tablespoon of wheat flour in a bowl. Add in half teaspoon of turmeric powder, finally add in a teaspoon of honey and enough rosewater to form a paste.

5. Aloe Vera and Turmeric Face Pack

Take a teaspoon of kasturi turmeric powder in a bowl. Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf, wash well to get rid of the slimy green juice. Now cut in half and scoop out the inner gel and grind in a mixer without adding any water and strain. Add the aloe vera juice to turmeric powder and apply as a face pack.

6. Multani Mitti and Turmeric Face Pack

To make multani mitti and turmeric face pack, take a tablespoon of multani mitti powder in a bowl. Add in a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. Now add in buttermilk to form a paste and apply as a face pack.

7. Mint and Turmeric Face Pack

Take 2 teaspoons of mint powder in a bowl. Add in half teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. Now add in enough curd to form into a thick spreadable paste and apply as a face pack. This pack helps fade scars and blemishes.

8. Turmeric and Milk Face Pack

This pack consists of only two ingredients, turmeric and milk. For making the pack, take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it along with milk into a paste and apply as a face pack.

9. Neem and Turmeric Face Pack

Take equal quantities of neem powder and turmeric powder in a bowl. Add in milk to form a paste and apply as a face pack. This packs treats both acne and acne scars very effectively.

10. Malai and Turmeric Face Pack

My sister in law applies this face pack regularly. Every morning, she collects fresh malai after boiling milk and mixes it with turmeric powder and applies as a face pack regularly. This pack helps keep the skin blemish free.

besan haldi face pack


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    A random search led me to your blog and I see that it is a treasure trove of home remedies. From this year on I had planned to all natural in my skincare and hair care. I think my search ends here. The only problem for me would be that I live in a city. Sourcing of the ingredients is an issue. Even though shops do sell ingredients, I am apprehensive of its genuineness. You are lucky to live in a village with a farm where you must be getting unadulterated stuff. Yet to read all your lovely posts. Good job. And thank you.

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    I was searching for a good person who could help me change my life with all natural power that god have gifted us. And finally I found you while just searching about natural remedies. You are a saviour. Almost 50% of your remedies I am using and I am very happy with the results. The best part is I am on my way to cure my pcos by taking chamomile tea and omum water and feeling great after seeing it's result as I got my first period that was absolutely normal. I also tried hot oil bath every weekend along with this treatment and noticed a great change in my energy as it is best treatment for stress.Thank you so much for everything.

  3. sindhu bharathi
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    Hi Ramya,I have tried your remedies and found them to be really helpful. Thanks for the same. Read about a remedy for pcos given by you is working fine. So thought of asking you about any such remedy to cure Uterine fibroids. Would be of greater help.Thanks

  4. Shubhra
    July 22, 2019 / 11:57 am

    Hi Ramya….Your blog is awesome. I want to know where to get wild turmeric from. Since I am from North India, I did not find it in stores. Please suggest an authentic source.

  5. April 6, 2021 / 9:54 pm

    it has really been working for me which WAS the tumeric and milk

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