How To Increase The Appetite Naturally | 5 Top Ways

Like neem leaves, neem flowers also have amazing health benefits and medicinal uses and is the best home remedy for lack of appetite. Suffering from lack of appetite is getting very common due to junk food eating, pesticide sprayed foods and eating out a lot. It is very common for anyone not to feel hungry for a meal or two.

But if you are feeling bloated and not feeling hunger at all for days, then it leads to malnutrition, tiredness and lack of vitality. My sisters daughter will not eat till the next day afternoon, if she eats out for dinner. If she continues to feel no hunger beyond that then we usually treat her with home remedies. There are good home remedies to increase appetite and this homemade drink made with cumin seeds and neem flowers are especially very effective in increasing appetite.

Neem flowers are especially known for their effectiveness in treating digestion related problems. I love the flavor of cumin and in our house, not a day goes by without using this herb in our cooking. Cumin seeds commonly called “Jeera” are beneficial in treating diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion.

To make this remedy, collect fresh neem flowers and sun dry them till crisp. Pound them in a mortar and pestle to make it into a powder. Make jeera decoction by boiling jeera in water till the color of the water changes to yellow color, now add the powdered neem flower powder and switch off. Cool and strain the mixture and your home made medicine for stimulating appetite is ready!

This home remedy also is also the best answer for people who keep asking the question ” How to increase appetite?”, as it really increases the appetite. If you are giving it to children, add a few drops of honey, to mask the slight bitterness of the neem flowers. This remedy can be given morning and evening for 2 to 3 days till one starts getting back their hunger. This remedy can be safely given to children, without any side effects.

How To Increase Hunger Using Neem

1. Collect fresh neem flowers and sun dry them till crisp.

2. Take the dried neem flowers in a mortar and pestle and powder it finely.

3. Make cumin seed decoction by boiling water with cumin seeds till the color of the water changes to yellow color.

4. Add the neem flower powder and switch off.

5. Strain and your home remedy for loss of appetite is ready!


  • Don’t boil after adding the neem flower powder, it will get very bitter.
  • For children, you can add honey to sweeten the drink.
  • If you don’t get fresh neem flowers, you can use dried neem flowers that you get from the markets too.

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