5 Top Benefits Of Multani Mitti For Skin & Hair

multani mitti benefits

Multani mitti has amazing hair and skin benefits and I use it extensively in both skin and hair care. It is rich in minerals and is very well known for its absorbing and cleansing properties. From a young age, I was always interested in beauty treatments, I still remember my first experience with multani mitti well.

I got a small lump of multani mitti from the khadi shop, the old lady at the counter said that it was one of the finest multani mitti and indeed it was! As per my grandma’s instructions, I mixed it with fresh sandalwood paste and raw milk and applied it on my face. I loved how my face felt smooth and refreshed afterward! I have been using multani mitti for beauty treatments ever since :).

What is Multani Mitti?

This wonderful clay called multani mitti in Hindi, fuller’s earth in English, and multhani matti in Tamil is a type of natural clay rich in minerals that have been used for hair and skin care for centuries. The name “Multani” refers to the place of origin, Multan, a city in Pakistan.

It is rich in calcium bentonite and magnesium chloride and comes in a range of colors from brown, green, and white. In India, we mainly get brown-colored multani mitti, the texture of it is very fine, finer than normal clay and it also has higher water content. Multani mitti is one of the most used ingredients in the beauty industry and if you go to any beauty shop, you can get it very easily.

Multani mitti draws out impurities and oiliness from the skin very well, it was also one of the reasons it was named fuller’s earth! Several years back textile wool workers who were called fullers used multani mitti along with other ingredients like soapwort, urine, and water to absorb the lanolin and sticky oils from wool so it came to know as fuller’s earth.

orange peel face maskMultani Mitti Skin & Hair Benefits:

1. For Removing Oiliness: 

The wonderful absorbing qualities of multani mitti make it an amazing ingredient for people who are suffering from excessive oiliness. It helps draw out excess sebum and oil from the pores. Using multani mitti face pack removes excessive oiliness effectively but try to mix it with lighter liquids like rose water or rice water.

2. For Removing Dead Skin: 

It is also very good at removing dead skin from the skin. If you have used multani mitti face packs before you must have noticed how smooth your skin feels afterward, this is due to its gentle exfoliating properties, unlike harsh exfoliating chemical scrubs.

3. For Skin Brightening:

Since multani mitti draws out impurities and tightens the skin thus improving blood circulation, you will always find your skin much brighter after using multani mitti face packs. I would suggest it as a quick beauty treatment before a party or a function.

4. For Blackheads, Whiteheads & Acne: 

Multani mitti prevents clogged pores thus preventing blackheads and whiteheads. It also has mild antiseptic properties and is very soothing which makes it very ideal for using it on acne-prone skin. It improves skin elasticity and keeps the skin smooth and supple and it also helps fade scars when used regularly.

5. Multani Mitti For Hair: 

Multani mitti, when applied on the scalp, improves blood circulation and also removes grime, dirt, and excessive oiliness thus preventing dandruff and scalp itching. I use multani mitti hair pack 15 days once to remove product build-up.

multani mitti benefitsHow to Apply Multani Mitti? 

Multani mitti can be mixed with rose water or rice water for oily skin and applied as a face pack. For dry skin, it can be mixed with milk or yogurt.

Where to Buy Multani Mitti? 

Multani mitti is sold in almost all the beauty shops all over India. You can also order it online through shops like Amazon.

Multani Mitti Side Effects: 

Multani mitti removes oil from the skin so if you have very dry skin always use multani mitti with a conditioning ingredient like milk or yogurt. People who are suffering from pica eat multani mitti but eating it will cause nutritional deficiencies, dental problems, and stomach-related problems so please never eat multani mitti.

5 Top Hair & Skin Benefits, Uses & Side Effect Of Multani Mitti | Fuller’s Earth:

1. Multani Mitti Face Pack For Dry Skin:

multani mitti face pack

This face mask treats acne very well. To make the pack, soak vetiver root in water for some time and strain the root. Don’t throw away the root, it can be reused twice or thrice. Rub turmeric on a coarse stone along with vetiver water to get a thick paste. Now add the turmeric paste to the multani mitti powder along with the required amount of yogurt to get a thick paste. To use, wash your face well, pat dry, and apply the mask all over the face & neck, wait for it to dry and wash it off. Use it weekly twice regularly to see results.

2. Multani Mitti Orange Peel Face Mask For Oily Skin: 

orange peel face mask

This face mask brightens the skin tone well. To make the face pack, take orange peel powder and multani mitti in a bowl. Add freshly squeezed orange juice to it to make a thick paste. Now add in a few drops of orange essential oil, the consistency should be neither too thick nor too thin and we should be able to spread it on the face easily. This mask thickens into a thick coat on the face. Once the mask is dry, wash it off, and you will find your skin considerably softer and smoother!

3. Multani Mitti & Lemon For Acne & Acne Scars:

multani mitti for oily skin

This face mask is perfect for people with oily skin as it is made by mixing buttermilk with multani mitti, and few drops of lemon juice. This face mask fades acne scars easily and is also a perfect acne treatment. But since this mask contains lemon juice, people with very sensitive skin should be careful, I would suggest doing a patch test before using this mask.

4.  Multani Mitti Hair Mask For Oily Scalp:

multani mitti for hair

Aloe vera and lemon are both good dandruff fighters and will greatly reduce dandruff and excessive oiliness from the scalp. To make this hair pack, take a fresh aloe vera leaf, wash and cut the thorns on both sides. Cut it into two and remove the inner gel alone. Add the multani mitti powder and lemon juice to the aloe vera gel and blend to get a smooth puree. The mixture should neither be too thick nor too thin. Apply it all over the scalp and wait for it to dry before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

5. Multani Mitti Hair Pack For Dry Scalp:

multani mitti hair pack

This hair mask is super conditioning and leaves your hair soft and very manageable. It also strengthens the hair roots. To make this hair pack, take a fresh aloe vera leaf, wash and cut the thorns on both sides. Cut it into two and remove the inner gel alone. Add multani mitti powder and homemade yogurt to the aloe vera gel and blend it to get a semi-thick puree. Apply it all over the scalp and wait for it dry before washing it off with a mild shampoo. For best results, make sure that your scalp is not greasy before applying this pack.

multani mitti benefits

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