10 Top Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Noni Fruit Juice

noni juice health benefits

Noni juice got from the fruits of noni tree has amazing health benefits and medicinal uses. From aiding weight loss to preventing cancer, noni juice is truly a natures miracle. Noni fruit commonly called as Indian Mulberry | Cheese Fruit | Vomit Fruit is very popular all over the world and has been in use from ancient times. Noni was used by Polynesians more than 150 to 200 years before and is found mostly in tropical countries like Hawaii, Malaysia and Fiji Islands.

What is Noni?

The botanical name of noni is Morinda Citrifolia. It belongs to genus Morinda and Rubiaceae family (coffee family) which has around 80 species. Noni is native to South East Asia and Australia and now as it’s medicinal uses are getting widely known, it is grown widely all over the world.

The tree grows up to 9 feet tall and bears fruits throughout the year. The fruits have a weird shape and smell pungent when ripe. Almost all parts of the tree are used both in traditional medicine and in cosmetics.

The fruits are green in color and when ripe turns almost white in color. Despite it’s long usage it has never been a food plant because noni fruit tastes bland and has a pungent smell that many dislike.

Noni Fruit Common Names:

Noni fruit is called Aal | Aach | Barral in Hindi, Nunaa | Manjanari | Vellai Nunaa in Tamil, Ach | Bartundi in Bengali, Surangi in Gujarati, Mulgul in Kannada, Manjanathi in Malayalam, Nagakuda in Marathi, Achuka in Sanskrit, Madi Chettu in Telugu, Mengkudu in Indonesia & Malaysia and Kumudu in Bali.

Noni Fruit Nutrition:

Noni fruit has almost 90 % water and 10 % solids. The solid matter comprises of protein (the amino acids found in noni are glutamic acid, aspartic acid and isoleucine), fiber and sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose). The minerals found in noni are sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sulfur. The main vitamins found in noni fruit are vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B3.

Noni Fruit Chemical Constitution:

Noni fruit and other parts of noni tree contains many phytochemicals that include phenolic compounds, anthraquinones, flavonoids, iridoids, lignans, ketones, sterols, carotenoids, nucleoside and triterpenoids.

The fruit goes through 3 stages – unripe green, hard ripe white and soft ripe white. Out of these 3 stages, the hard ripe stages contains the maximum nutrients and phytochemicals, it contains 2 times more antioxidants, one and half times more phenols and 7 times more vitamin C.

The presence of all these compounds are responsible for it’s anti obesity, anti cancer, anti tumor, anti inflammatory, anti diabetic, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic, anti arthritics, anti allergic, analgesic, wound healing, anti nausea, anti wrinkle, anti ulcer, anthelmintic, anti psychotic and immune enhancing properties.

Noni Traditional Medicinal Uses:

Noni juice has been traditionally used for arthritis, diabetes, aches and pains, menstrual pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, headache, cancer, mental diseases and for drug addictions!

How To Consume Noni?

Noni can be consumed in the form of fresh noni fruit, fermented noni juice, fresh noni juice, dried noni fruit power and noni capsules. Noni fruit juice has a smell that takes some getting used to, if you find it difficult to consume noni juice, you can try dried noni fruit powder or noni capsules.

Noni Fruit Juice:

Noni fruit, once it turns ripe starts fermenting rapidly so it is usually converted into juice and bottled. I was very confused at first in deciding whether fresh noni juice or fermented noni juice is best. After researching I have to come to the conclusion that fresh fruit juice is the best followed by fermented noni juice.

noni juice side effectsHow To Make Noni Juice at Home?

a. Fresh Noni Juice:

To make fresh noni juice, collect fresh noni fruit and grind to a pulp using the whipper button. Make sure not to grind the seeds. Now mix in any fruit juice of your choice to make it palatable and drink immediately.

b. Fermented Noni Juice:

To make fermented noni juice at home, wash noni fruits and take them in a jar. Now close the jar tightly and leave it under hot sun for 2 months, the juice will start collecting in the bottle. After 2 months strain the juice and your fermented noni juice is ready. The noni juice shown in the picture is homemade fermented noni juice that is fermented for about 2 weeks. As time goes by it will take on a darker color.

Where To Buy Non Fruit Juice?

We get noni fruit juice concentrates very easily in Indian markets. Noni capsules and noni fruit powder are also marketed, noni capsules can also be easily got in the shops but noni fruit powder is not easily available but you can order it online. Usually if you look for noni juice online, you will find Hawaiian Noni juice and Tahitian Noni juice named after the place it is manufactured from. You can choose anyone, both are good.

Noni Juice Dosage:

Generally 30 ml is the suggested dosage and I would suggest starting with this dosage. You can even start with 15 ml if you are not comfortable. If you feel you need to drink more, you can slowly increase it to 45 ml but don’t overdose. The best time to take noni juice is in the morning, 15 to 20 minutes before having your breakfast.

Noni juice tastes bad so be prepared for it, it is not that noni juice tastes bitter or sour, it just the weird smell. I have not tried store bought noni juices so I don’t know the dosage for store bought noni juices. I would suggest following the instructions in the bottle.

Noni Leaf Tea:

I also wanted to mention about noni leaf tea, it also has wonderful anti oxidant, anti fatigue, anti diabetic and anti microbial properties. Noni leaf tea is nothing but noni leaf boiled in water, it has strong anti microbial properties.

In research, noni leaf extract showed powerful action against microorganisms like Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Bacillus Subtilis, etc. This antimicrobial activity is due to the large amounts of phenolic compounds present in the leaves.

Noni Juice Side Effects:

Consuming large amount of noni juice should be strictly avoided, several side effects have been reported after excessive noni juice consumption. A young man after suffering from hepatitis took 1.5 liters of noni juice and he suffered from acute liver failure.

An older lady who suffered from liver disease developed acute hepatitis after she consumed 2 liters of noni juice. The toxicity of noni fruit is said to be due to the high amounts of anthraquinones present in it. However many commercial noni juice makers remove the toxic compounds from the juice making it safe to drink.

But I would suggest practicing caution and to never over consume noni juice. Also noni juice is high in potassium and people with kidney and liver problems should be very careful of the dosage.

Noni Juice Nutrition10 Top Health Benefits Of Noni Fruit Juice:

1. Noni Juice Anti Diabetic Properties:

Noni has amazing anti diabetic properties and is wonderful for reducing the blood sugar levels very very effectively. In a study done on rats, noni juice has been proven to be very effective in reducing blood sugar levels.

Both fermented noni juice and fresh noni juice can be used for bringing down the blood sugar levels. If you are on diabetic medications, I would suggest mentioning noni juice intake to your physician as consuming both together will reduce the blood sugar levels dramatically.

2. Noni Juice For Skin & Hair:

Noni juice is full of antioxidants and consuming noni juice in the correct dosage greatly helps prevent free radicals which are the main culprits for premature ageing of our skin and hair. Consuming noni juice also greatly helps with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Since noni juice has anti inflammatory properties, it reduce skin and scalp inflammations as well. If you have access to fresh noni fruit, you can apply the fresh fruit pulp on the face, it will greatly treat the inflammation very effectively.

3. Noni Juice Anti Ulcer Properties:

Noni has been used for treating stomach ulcers for a long time traditionally. Noni juice reduces the inflammation and irritation in our stomach. It prevents the formation of gastric lesions and also it reduces the gastric acid secretion significantly which is the main cause for ulcer formation. The compound that gives noni juice anti ulcer properties is scopoletin. Noni juice is a good remedy for gastritis and stomach related issues.

4. Noni Juice Anti Fatigue Properties:

Another important use of noni fruit juice is it’s ability to delay fatigue and enhance energy. Though anti fatigue properties will benefit everyone, athletes will benefit the most out of it as even few moments of delayed fatigue and increased energy will ensure that they win the race. Instead of relying on sugar laden energy drinks, athletes can consume noni juice.

5. Noni Juice Anti Cancer Properties:

If you ask anyone the benefits of noni juice, the first use they will mention is it’s anti cancer properties. Noni is rich in antioxidants and consuming noni can be especially helpful in the initial stages of cancer. Anti cancer effect of noni is due to it’s antioxidant and carcinogen prevention properties. Both fresh noni juice and fermented noni juice can be taken.

6. Noni Juice For Weight Loss:

Both fresh noni fruit juice and fermented fruit juice have anti obesity properties. The more we turn down our traditional food habits, the chances of us becoming fatter also increases many fold.

Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet along with natural herbal supplements are the only ways to lose excess body fat. Noni fruit juice has been proven to reduce the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels beyond doubt, you can read the study that proves it here. 

7. Noni Juice For Wound Healing:

Noni fruit has amazing wound healing properties and so does the juice. One significant use of noni for diabetic patients other than reducing blood sugar levels is it’s wound healing properties.

We all know that it takes a long time for wounds to heal in diabetic patients, consuming noni extract helps with faster wound healing. The bio active compounds triterpenoids and tannins present in noni are responsible for it’s wound healing properties. You can read the study that supports this claim here.

8. Noni Juice Liver Protecting Properties:

Noni fruit juice in the correct dosage has liver protective properties. It prevents non alcoholic fatty liver disease which is getting very common now due to the rise in consumption of processed high fat foods. Consuming noni juice prevents liver related diseases like non alcoholic liver damage to a great extent.

This is due to the presence of phenolic acids present in noni juice. But please remember that over consuming noni juice has the reverse effect on the liver and might cause damage.

9. Noni Juice For High Blood Pressure:

Noni has a positive impact on blood pressure too. Different parts of the tree including the leaf, fruit and root have blood pressure lowering properties. Patients who are suffering from high blood pressure will benefit significantly from taking either the fresh noni fruit juice or the fermented noni fruit juice.

10.  Noni Juice Anti Psychotic Properties:

Another interesting medicinal use of noni juice is it’s anti psychotic properties. Usually medicines for treating psychotic disorders come with plenty of side effect like weight gain, high cholesterol levels, etc.

So many are looking out for alternative remedies for psychosis and one such effective remedy that has been proven beyond doubt is noni juice. You can read the study that proves it here.  In the study, fresh unripe noni fruit was dried, powdered and then mixed with methanol and was given to the rats but noni juice also will have the same effect.

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