DIY: Orange & Whey Hair Rinse Recipe

Whenever I make paneer (cottage cheese) at home, I throw the whey water outside. I know it is protein rich, but somehow I don’t like to add it to gravies. Then one fine day, I got this idea of trying whey water as a hair rinse. After I shampooed my hair, I just used this as a rinse.

But something was missing and then I added  freshly squeezed orange juice and voila, everything was perfect. I usually prefer my homemade things to smell good and freshly squeezed orange juice did that. This rinse strengthens the hair, if used regularly. It is very simple to make, like all the remedies posted in this blog.

Just take a half a liter of milk and bring it to a boiling point and then switch off. Add either lemon juice or yogurt till the milk curdles. Strain the cottage cheese using a strainer. The left over liquid is called whey water. Cool the whey water and add freshly squeezed orange juice to it. Your orange hair rinse is ready!

Orange & Whey Hair Rinse Recipe

1. Take around 500ml of milk in a pan and heat it to a boiling point.

2. Once it reaches boiling point, switch off and start adding yogurt or freshly squeezed lime juice till the milk curdles.

3. Strain the paneer and collect the left over whey water. Add freshly squeezed orange juice to the whey water and your hair rinse is ready!


  • Whey water from 500 ml milk will be enough for one hair rinse.
  • Use freshly squeezed orange juice for this.
  • Regular use of this hair rinse, strengthens the hair.
  • Strain it well using a fine strainer, else there will be bits of cottage cheese in the hair rinse.


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