10 Top Rosemary Benefits For Hair, Skin & Health

rosemary benefits

Rosemary is a very aromatic evergreen shrub that has been in use from medieval times. I love all aromatic herbs and rosemary is no exception. I have always been mesmerized with herbs and aromatic herbs holds a special place in my heart because I find them greatly relaxing.

The oil extracted from the leaves is called rosemary essential oil and it is widely used in perfumery and as a medicine. Rosemary is a restorative herb, it is a good medicine for treating cold, headache and general lethargy. It greatly improves memory, has a calming effect and is very good if we take it internally in the form of tea while suffering from depression and nervous tension.

Rosemary Plant:

The botanical name of rosemary is Rosmarinus Officinalis. Rosemary belongs to the family Lamiacea and genus Rosmarinus. It has needle shaped leaves and produces pink, white, purple or blue flowers that bloom in the month of May and June.

It is generally found all over the Mediterranean and here in India it slowly getting available everywhere. Rosemary plant is commonly available in most nurseries in India and it goes by the same name in all Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, etc.

Rosemary Chemical Constituents:

Rosemary contains many active constituents like flavonoids which are good in antioxidants, tannins (especially rosmaricine which helps reduce pain) and phenols (notably rosmarinic acid) helps fight off inflammation. Rosemary is called Rusmary in Hindi and it goes by the name rosemary in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali.

rosmarinus officinalis medicinal usesRosemary Health Benefits & Medicinal Uses:

1. Rosemary For Alzheimer’s:  

Rosemary has always been used from time immemorial for improving memory and now it has been proven to greatly help patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s as it prevents neuronal cell death. You can read the study that supports this claim here.

2. Rosemary Benefits For Improving Memory & Cognitive Function:

Cognitive decline is one of the major concerns as we age. Rosemary has been proven to reduce age related cognitive decline and internal consumption of rosemary showed good results and the effect increased with dosage. You can read the study that proves it here.

3. Rosemary For Cold Related Problems:

Rosemary tea is great for taking while we suffer cold related problems like headaches, chest congestion, etc. The tea also can used as a mouth rinse for sore throat.

4. Rosemary Benefits For Cancer:

Rosemary has cancer protective properties especially colorectal cancer. Intake of vegetables in the diet and certain plant extracts seems to help prevent colorectal cancer and rosemary is one among it. You can read the study that proves it here.

5. Rosemary Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms:

Another very interesting use of rosemary is it reduces withdrawal symptoms especially for drug addictions. The main problem when people try to stop their drug addictions are the worst withdrawal symptoms which sends most back to using drugs again. Along with regular treatment taking rosemary has been clinically proven to reduce the symptoms greatly. You can read the study that proves it here.

6. Rosemary Anti Inflammatory Properties:

Another medicinal use of rosemary that I greatly love is it’s wonderful anti inflammatory properties especially it reduces acne inflammation. If you are suffering from acne and need a natural herb to reduce the inflammation, look no further than rosemary, it will reduce the inflammation really well. You can read the study that supports this claim here.

7. Rosemary Benefits For Hair Care:

Rosemary has been used for centuries for hair care, it reduces dandruff and regular use greatly treats dandruff, grey hair and to a great extent prevents baldness. At home, I make a rinse with apple cider vinegar and rosemary (recipe below), wonderful for treating all scalp problems very effectively.

8. Rosemary For Stomach Related Problems:

Rosemary is wonderful in treating all stomach related problems as rosemary extract increases the flow of bile which is essential for good digestion. Rosemary tea is a good remedy for indigestion, stomach cramps and bloating.

9. Rosemary Anti Microbial Properties:

There is a reason why rosemary is included in disinfectants regularly, it is because of it’s wonderful anti microbial properties. We can just boil rosemary in water and use the water as a disinfectant. We can also add a sprig of rosemary to white vinegar, let it steep and use it around the house mixed in water as a disinfectant.

10. Rosemary Benefits For Skin Care:

Rosemary when added to baths not only acts as a natural disinfectant, it also relaxes the mind. According to me, there is nothing more relaxing than a homemade bath with rosemary, milk powder and rose essential oil.

rosemary side effectsWhere To Get Rosemary?

a. Rosemary Plant:

Rosemary plant can be easily got from any herb nursery in India, it is also quite cheap. Make sure to keep the plant in warm but sheltered place. It is actually easy to grow rosemary plant at home and you will have access to fresh rosemary year round.

b. Rosemary Tea:

Rosemary tea sachets are available in the market but it is not easily available in India. Rosemary tea can also be easily made at home with fresh or dried leaves.

c. Rosemary Essential Oil:

Rosemary essential oil can be easily ordered online but try to get from good brands. Rosemary Water: Rosemary water which is widely used as a disinfectant can be made easily by boiling the leaves in water.

d. Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary infused oil can be easily made at home, I have given the recipe for it below. Fresh rosemary can be shade dried and stored for future use.

benefits of rosemary teaRosemary Side Effects:

The amount usually added to food will not cause any harm but if you are pregnant or breast feeding try not to take large doses of rosemary like in the form of rosemary tea regularly.

 5 Top Rosemary Benefits & Uses For Hair, Skin & Health:

1. Rosemary Oatmeal Bath:

rosemary for skin

If you are stressed out, I would greatly suggest treating yourself to this rosemary and oatmeal bath. The smell of fresh rosemary is absolutely relaxing. For the bath, take 1/4 cup of oatmeal in a cup, add 3 tbsp of finely cut rosemary to it and mix well.

Tie this into a bundle using a muslin cloth and drop it in the bath water and your relaxing bath is ready. This bath also will leave your skin smooth and supple.

2. Homemade Rosemary Shampoo:

rosemary benefits for hair

I love homemade shampoos not only because they are cost effective but because you can greatly customize it to your liking too. For instance, I tried a homemade shampoo with fresh sage leaves, you can use the same base and use rosemary instead, will work very very well in reducing dandruff, hair fall and itchiness. You can find the link for the recipe here.

3. Rosemary Tea: 

rosemary tea health benefits

To make rosemary tea, boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon a fresh rosemary. Let it steep, sweeten with honey and enjoy your rosemary tea. This tea has wonderful health benefits, it improves memory, reduces stomach cramps, inflammation and is also great for having while we suffer from cold and flu.

4. Rosemary Hair Rinse: 

rosemary herb benefits

This rosemary hair rinse if used as a final hair rinse will leave your hair absolutely shiny and beautiful. For making the hair rinse, cut rosemary into fine pieces and place in a cup. Pour apple cider vinegar on top till the rosemary is fully immersed in the apple cider vinegar.

Let it steep till for a few days, strain and use as a final hair rinse. To use, mix it with water in the ratio of 1: 3 and apply on shampooed hair. Wait for a few seconds and rinse with water.

5. Rosemary Massage Oil:

rosemary oil health benefits

Since rosemary is so aromatic, it steeps so well, infusing any liquid with it’s essence and aroma. This rosemary infused oil is so very easy to make, all you need is a sprig of rosemary, a cup of any unrefined oil and lot of patience.

Take a sprig of rosemary, slightly bruise it and take in a dark bottle, pour unrefined oil of your choice on top till it is fully immersed. Wait patiently for 2 weeks for the oil to infuse in a dark place. This oil can be used as a massage oil, it will reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and reduce skin infections.

rosemary health benefits


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