5 Worst Side Effects Of Applying Turmeric On Face

side effects of applying turmeric on face

We use turmeric extensively for skin care. It has wonderful skin care benefits due to it’s powerful antibacterial properties. We use it in the form of face packs, bath powders, turmeric face oil and scrubs but like with any ingredient there are some side effects when applying turmeric on face and we should get to know them before using it regularly for skin care.

Turmeric Varieties Used In Skin Care:

1. Normal Cooking Turmeric:

turmeric side effects for skin

The first commonly used turmeric variety for skin care is our normal turmeric that we use in our day to day cooking. As we all know, cooking turmeric has wonderful antimicrobial properties making it one of the best ingredients for skin care.

2. Kasthuri Turmeric

side effects of kasthuri manjal on face

The second variety of turmeric is kasthuri turmeric also called as wild turmeric in English. Like white turmeric, it is also very very fragrant and is used mainly for skin care. It also does not stain the skin much like regular turmeric does.

3. White Turmeric

turmeric side effects for skin

The third variety is white turmeric. White turmeric is a close relative to our regular turmeric and when dried, it has a thin brownish skin and a firm white interior. It is also very very fragrant and we can get both the dried root and the powder easily online.

5 Worst Side Effects Of Applying Turmeric On Face:

1. Turmeric Burns

One of the common complaints that many say about using turmeric for skin care is that it burns especially when applied as a face pack. Not all variety of turmeric burns, it’s mainly kasturi variety turmeric.

To prevent burning sensation, I would suggest always mixing kasthuri turmeric with conditioning ingredients like yoghurt or milk, this greatly helps reduce the burning sensation. But if you feel it still burns then try to use either white turmeric or the regular cooking turmeric.

2. Turmeric Darkens Skin

Not everyone experiences this but some people really do. This is because turmeric increases skin sensitivity to sun in some people and if we use turmeric in the daytime and go out in the sun especially without any sunscreen they tend to experience skin darkening. If you are a person who suffers from this problem, I would suggest using turmeric based products in the night and always use sunscreen before going out.

3. Turmeric Stains Skin

Usually the stain goes away but some people really don’t like the stain at all even for some time. What we have to remember is not all turmeric stains the same. For example white turmeric does not stain the skin at all whereas kasturi turmeric stains a tiny bit and regular cooking turmeric stains the most.

In my personal experience, store bought turmeric powder stains really badly compared to homemade turmeric powder. I don’t know whether it is due to the addition of other ingredients while processing turmeric but I have experienced it repeatedly.

If you don’t want turmeric stain, I would suggest using either white turmeric or kasturi turmeric and if you want to use regular turmeric try to make your own turmeric powder at home.

4. Turmeric Dries Out Skin

Turmeric when used alone is drying on the skin especially for people with extremely dry skin. Dryness can be easily avoided if we use it with ingredients like whole milk and curd. If you have dry skin, I would suggest never mixing turmeric powder with water instead mix it with milk or curd else it will dry out the skin.

5. Turmeric Allergy

Very rarely, some people experience turmeric allergy. If a person with turmeric allergy uses turmeric, they might experience rashes on the skin. If you experience itching or rashes after using turmeric, I would kindly suggest to stop using turmeric for skin care.

turmeric side effects for face

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