Top 5 Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds For Skin, Weight Loss, Pregnancy & Hair


Sunflower seeds have amazing health and skin benefits and they are a very popular snack, especially during baseball games. They are high in vitamin e, vitamin b and have a good amount of protein, zinc, magnesium other vital minerals. Sunflower
seeds when taken internally has many health benefits like it maintains
healthy hair and skin and improves cardiovascular health. It is full of
fiber and is a perfect snack for dieters, but using it externally
also has got amazing skin benefits. Use only the hulled seeds (kernel) for eating as it is easier on the stomach and seeds with the outer shell intact for external application like the scrub in this post. These are some of the benefits of this amazing seed: 1. Sunflower Seeds For Hair Growth: Sunflower seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. Just munching a handful of these energy packed seeds will keep the skin and hair glowing. A good hair massage with unrefined sunflower oil will result in shiny hair that is free of split ends. Even pregnant women can include sunflower seeds in their diet to keep their skin and hair healthy during pregnancy and after giving birth. 2.Sunflower Seeds For Weight Loss: Sunflower seeds are perfect snacks that should be included in a weight loss diet as it keeps us full for a long time and can be easily packed and can be had on the go. Try to substitute snacks with healthy foods like sunflower seeds that keeps you fuller for a long period of time. 3. Sunflower Seeds For Cardiovascular Health: Since these seeds are high in poly unsaturated fatty acids, they help lower bad cholesterol. People who are suffering from high cholesterol levels should include LDL lowering foods in their diet like sunflower seeds often 4.Sunflower Seeds For Diabetics: Sunflower seeds are very good in maintaining the blood sugar levels stable. Especially diabetic patients can include sunflower seeds for their snacks. But remember sunflower seeds are energy packed foods, so have in moderation and try to use seeds that are not too salted. 5. Sunflower Seeds For Skin: Sunflowers are great for skin, both when consumed internally and when used on the skin externally like in face masks and scrubs. It removes the dead cells gently and the natural oils in the seeds doesn’t dry out the skin too. I had a packet of sunflower seeds lying in my pantry for a long time. I just had a thought of using it as a scrub yesterday. At first I was doubtful, as I thought I won’t be able to grind it finely because I was using the sunflower seeds with the outer skin. But I was sweetly surprised seeing how finely it got ground and I really liked the feel of this scrub on my skin. I needed something to mix it up and make into a paste and I had just extracted fresh thick coconut milk for making a gravy. I just used that along with little coconut oil and I have to say, I really liked this combination. To make this scrub, first sun dry the seeds nicely in the hot sun. If you don’t sun dry it well, you won’t be able to powder it well. Using scrubs with very grainy ingredients is not a good idea, as it will cause redness and irritation of the skin. Powder the sunflower seeds finely, after sun drying it. Grate a fresh coconut and extract thick coconut milk by grinding the grated coconut along with little water. Add the thick coconut milk and few drops of coconut oil and grind it into a thick paste. To use, wash your face with water and scoop out the required amount of paste and gently massage it in your face for some time before washing off. Hope you have fun making and using the scrub, as much as I did 🙂

1. Sun dry the sunflower seeds spread on a plate, till it is crisp and dry.

2. Powder the sun dried sunflower seeds finely in a mixer.

3. Grate 3 tbsp of fresh coconut and grind it along with little water to extract thick coconut milk.

4. Add the coconut milk to the sunflower seed powder along with few drops of coconut oil and grind everything together well, till it forms a thick paste.


  • If you don’t have coconut milk, try with whole milk.
  • The drying part is very important.
  • The mixture should be thick, so adjust the amount of coconut milk accordingly. 
  • I used unhulled seeds, you can used 


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    February 4, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    i will try this for sure .. now i have to hut for the seed.

  2. irpan
    April 7, 2017 / 8:24 am

    sunflower seeds are usually eaten sebagau snacks. But it turned out well also yes to the skin.

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