Turmeric Cloth Wipes: Home Remedy for Pink Eye, Cuts & Wounds

 This homemade disinfectant wipes is one of the best way to sterilize the skin that is infected. You can make plenty of these ahead of time, preferably during the summer time and I am sure you will be reaching for these turmeric wipes very often. Though we can use these wipes to sterilize any open wounds and cuts, the best thing about these wipes is that it can be used to treat eye infections, especially pink eye/madras eye.

I can’t forget the funny incident I had with pink eye when I was younger. When I was staying in hostel, if anyone of the students got madras eye, they were usually sent home for a week, to prevent other children from getting it. Most of us students, used to pray daily to get madras eye, so we can go home. The funny thing was, I finally ended up getting madras eye and was sent home.

When I went home, I could barely open my eyes and the itching was terrible and all my plans of happily spending a week at home was ruined. When we get madras eye, there is terrible pain, redness and watering of the eyes. Use these turmeric wipes to wipe the eyes. You can also use these wipes to clean cuts and wounds for children.

In fact these turmeric wipes can be used for any skin related diseases. To make these wipes, take a 100% pure white cotton cloth. Boil water in a wide pan, once it comes to a roaring boil, add the cloth and let it boil for few minutes. Remove the cloth and squeeze out the water, once it cools down. Take a piece of turmeric and rub it into a paste in a coarse stone.

Mix the turmeric paste in water. Soak the sterilized cloth in this turmeric water. After an hour, squeeze out the water and sun dry it completely. Your home made antiseptic turmeric wipes are now ready! You can make plenty of these wipes during summer months and use it year round to treat any infections.

Turmeric Cloth Wipes: Home Remedy for Pink Eye, Cuts & Wounds

1. Soak turmeric in hot water for a few minutes.

2. Rub the turmeric on a coarse stone to get turmeric paste. Dilute the turmeric paste in water to get the desired consistency.

3. Boil water in a pan and add the cloth that is to be soaked in turmeric paste and boil it for a few minutes to sterilize it. Switch off and let it cool.

4. Take the cloth out and squeeze out the water. Take the cloth and soak it in the turmeric paste mixture for 1 to 2 hours.

5. Squeeze out the excess water and sun dry the cloth. Your home made antiseptic wipes are ready!


  • The turmeric paste will not apply evenly in the cloth, it will be like it is shown in the main picture.
  • Use pure white 100% cotton cloth.
  • Try using fresh turmeric paste instead of turmeric powder, it is especially important if you are using it for your eyes.

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  1. QC
    September 7, 2018 / 9:24 am

    If these wipes are sun dried in the last step, are they dry wipes? I mean, is the cloth completely dry when you use it?

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