12 Top Uses Of Vaporub & How To Make It At Home

vaporub benefits

The first thing we reach out for when we have a headache is vaporub and all of us are so used to applying vaporub for treating colds and headaches, that it is rare to find a home without a bottle of it. I was the same too, I use to even pack a bottle or two for my son when he was leaving for his hostel.

Commercial Vaporub:

One fine day, I came across a journal that listed the potential side effects of using commercial vaporub, It is said to increase mucus production along with causing respiratory discomfort.

Most commercial vaporub’s usually have petrolatum as a base which does more harm than good. When I was searching for a natural replacement for vaporub, I came across a product made by our local tribespeople with beeswax and eucalyptus essential oil and I loved it to the core.

It also gave me the idea to try a homemade vaporub using only beeswax and essential oils. It is so much easier to make and so pure that it can be used even for children without any side effects.

Homemade Vaporub:

Most of the time, I make my own vaporub and if I don’t, I try to buy beeswax-based vaporub from local green shops. Though I mainly use vaporub for treating colds and headaches, I have also found many other wonderful uses for it and I wanted to share them with all of you.

Homemade vaporub has multiple uses at home, it can be used to ward off mosquitoes, treat toenail infections, reduce stretch marks, and much more. Below I have given the many different ways to use it, try the ones that you like. I have also given the recipe for making it at home.

Though you can use commercial vaporub, I would suggest doing your research about the pros and cons before using it. In my personal opinion, I would suggest not using commercial vaporub but if you still want to, use it on the diffuser to ward off the mosquitoes like I have mentioned below instead of applying on the skin.

How to Make Natural Homemade Vaporub

To make the homemade vaporub, melt the beeswax with coconut oil completely in a low flame. Once melted, remove from fire, let cool a bit and then add the essential oils. The quality of this homemade vaporub will depend on the quality of the essential oils you are using. Try not to add the essential oils when the mixture is too hot. Pour into small glass jars and let it set and your homemade all-natural vaporub is ready! You can safely use this rub on very young children too.


1. Take organic beeswax in a bowl. If you are using beeswax that comes in blocks, grate it. It is easier to use beeswax that comes in pellets form.

vaporub 2

 2. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax in a double boiler till the beeswax melts completely.

3. Let it cool a bit, and add the essential oils. But don’t wait till it starts thickening. I added rose and eucalyptus essential oils but I would suggest using lavender essential oil instead of rose.

4. Leave it undisturbed for an hour and it will set beautifully. Your homemade vaporub is ready!



  • Try using virgin coconut oil & organic beeswax
  • You can safely use this homemade vaporub on children above 2 years old.
  • Use eucalyptus essential oil, not eucalyptus oil.
  • Try making smaller batches so they remain fresh till the end.

12 Top Benefits & Uses Of Vicks Vaporub:

For Treating Toenail Fungus: 

This is very effective for treating toenail fungus effectively, the essential oils used in the recipe have anti-fungal properties. For the remedy, soak your feet in a vinegar foot soak and then apply this homemade vaporub.

For Headache:

This is very effective for treating headaches. For treating headaches, take a little bit of the vaporub and massage it gently on the forehead. This is a wonderful remedy for treating headaches for both children and adults very safely.

For Chest Congestion & Cough:

For treating chest congestion, take a little and rub it gently on the chest. Eucalyptus essential oil in the recipe helps rid of chest congestion and cough very effectively. Adding a tsp of vaporub while steaming also will greatly help treat chest congestion and sinus infections.

For Toddlers and Babies:

This can be used safely for children above 2 years old. I have used unrefined coconut oil for making the vaporub which is very good for use on a baby’s skin. Massage their chest and feet with it and after massaging, put on socks to keep the feet warm during cold winter months. Whenever you are making vaporub for children, try to use only unrefined oils for the best results.

As a Mosquito Repellent:

Vaporub can be used as a wonderful mosquito repellent too. For warding off mosquitoes, take a little bit of it in a diffuser. I use an electric diffuser that I got the last time I was traveling. Just plug it in and switch it on to get rid of the mosquitoes.

For Treating Dry Skin: 

This vaporub is great for treating dry skin. If you run out of moisturizing cream this will be a good substitute. Especially, if you make this vaporub with pure unrefined oil and essentials oil like lavender, you will not miss your cream at all.

For Treating Acne:

This is a simple remedy for treating acne. If you break out and need a quick simple remedy, then just dab this homemade vaporub on the spots. Eucalyptus essential oil is a good remedy for treating acne and coconut oil is very very soothing too.

For Treating Achy Muscles:

This is great for treating sore muscles. For treating sore muscles, soak in a warm Epsom salt bath for a few minutes and then massage gently with this homemade vaporub.

For Preventing Stretch Marks & Cellulite:

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive creams for preventing stretch marks, then try this homemade vaporub. A gentle massage with this vaporub will keep the skin supple and prevent stretch marks. This can be used as a massage cream for getting rid of cellulite too.

For Treating Insect Bites:

If you find yourself with unbearable itchiness which is usually the case after being bitten by insects or bugs, then this vaporub will come in handy. Both coconut oil and eucalyptus will help reduce the itching significantly.

For Chapped Lips:

Another great use of this vaporub is treating dry and chapped lips. If you don’t have lip balm at hand, you can take a little bit of this homemade vaporub and massage it in the lips for soft, luscious lips.

For Cracked Heels:

We can also use it for treating cracked heels. Unrefined coconut oil is very very good for treating cracked heels. Also when combined with beeswax, it forms a protective coating on the feet and greatly prevents and treats cracked heels.

vaporub benefits


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    hi! thanks for your very informative and tremendously useful blog.wish to add a word of caution, especially to the above article – you could have desisted from using the term 'Vicks' prior to the vapor rub -as you are already aware of the harmful effects of the original!!!

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