Sunday, 10 November 2013

5 Amazing Benefits & Uses of Almond Milk For Hair, Skin & Health


Almond milk has it's own distinctive, unique flavor and it tastes wonderful. Almond milk is a good substitute, if not better substitute for milk and it is especially helpful for people who are lactose intolerant. It has these wonderful health benefits: 1. Almond Milk For Weight Loss: Research has proven that calcium rich foods aids in weight loss. The best calcium rich weight loss foods are low fat dairy and almond milk as both are rich in calcium but almond milk is even better than dairy as it has few calories than even skimmed milk, but try to consume unsweetened almond milk. 2. Almond Milk For Babies & Toddlers: Children those who hate the taste of milk will love almond milk as it has a fresh nutty flavor. Almond milk is rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium and protein which is essential for children's growth. Though almond milk is good for babies, it is better to introduce it after the child turns 2 as some children might be allergic to nuts. 3. Almond Milk For Skin: Almond milk is great both when consumed internally and applied externally on the skin. To use it for external application, mix an egg white with a tsp of almond milk and use it as a face mask. You can also use it directly on the skin, if you don't want to use egg white. 4. Almond Milk For Hair: Almonds have all the nutrients that is essential for healthy hair. Try to drink almond milk as often as you can especially if you are suffering from hair loss. 5. Almond Milk For Diabetics: Unsweetened almond milk is perfect for diabetics as it keeps the blood sugar levels stable. Regular consumption of almond milk also helps to prevent osteoporosis, as almond milk helps in increasing  the bone density. Having written all the benefits of almond milk, I have to say the best thing I like about almond milk is it is a great help for people who have taken a course of antibiotics. After we finish our course of antibiotics, many of us experience stomach discomfort that ranges from stomach pain to diarrhea. Take almond milk continuously for some days after you have taken your antibiotics to get back your digestive tract in order. Almond milk is one of the best tonics for convalescence. Try making your own almond milk, it is very easy and I am sure, homemade almond milk is much more healthier and tastier than store bought ones. To make almond milk, soak almonds in water for few hours and peel off the skin. Grind it finely using a blender along with little honey. Strain and your almond milk is ready!


1. Take almonds and soak them in water overnight.

2. Next day morning, remove the outer skin of the almonds.

3. Grind it finely along with boiled water using a mixer and strain.

4. Add honey to taste and your nutritious home made almond milk is ready!

  • Home made almond milk doesn't store well, so try to make it fresh every day.
  • Try using mature almonds for good taste.
  • Sun dry the almonds before storing them, they last longer.
  • The quantity given produces almond milk that is neither too thick nor too thin, but you can adjust the water quantity according to your preference.


  1. Why do we soak the almond overnight? 2-3 hours enough? This almond milk should be taken at night or morning?

    1. Usually 2 to 3 hours is enough but I always soak it overnight so I can consume it in the morning. You can take almond milk anytime of the day....

  2. Some people add saffron to the almond milk? What is the purpose of saffron/kumkuma poo?

    1. Saffron has wonderful therapeutic proprieties, it aids in digestion, is very soothing on the stomach and is said to increase immunity....


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