Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mustard Foot Bath - The Benefits + DIY Recipe


Mustard foot bath is the best answer for people who suffer from nasal congestion, body aches and pains. I always love remedies that involve common kitchen ingredients, as you don't have to go searching for ingredients when you are ill and in pain. This mustard bath is one such recipe that can be made in no time. If you have a foot bath, use that or even a wide tub will work beautifully. This mustard foot bath detoxifies the body naturally, helping a person come out of illness quickly. If you are feeling tired, sluggish or ill, then it is the best time to use this homemade foot bath. Both ginger and mustard increases the circulation and warms one up. Since it increases the body temperature, it also increases perspiration thus helping the patient to eliminate toxins effectively. I used the residue of ginger paste that was settled down, after I used it for my honey and ginger home remedy. But you can use freshly crushed ginger paste to make this remedy. After using this mustard foot bath, one feels relaxed and refreshed. If you had a hectic day or you were on your feet for long duration of time, then you will greatly benefit from this mustard foot bath. Try using it before bed time to get a good nights sleep. To make this mustard foot bath, first make the ginger infusion by mixing fresh ginger paste with hot water and set aside. Take mustard seeds and pound them in a mortar and pestle to a fine powder. Sprinkle the ground mustard powder in a tub, that you are going to soak your feet in. Add warm water to it and then add the ginger infusion to it and mix well. Check the temperature of the water before soaking your feet. Make sure that the water is in lukewarm temperature. If the person has cold or chest congestion, it is best to cover them with warm towels, while using the foot bath. Let your feet soak for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse your feet well with warm water and pat dry. People with toenail infections and even people who suffer from varicose veins will find this mustard foot bath helpful. 


1. Grind fresh ginger to a fine paste.

2. Add a cup of hot water to the ground ginger to make ginger infusion and set it aside.

3. Grind mustard into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle.

4. Heat water in a pan and once it gets warm, switch off and add the ground mustard.

5. Add the ginger infusion too.

6. Mix well and strain into your foot bath, your mustard foot bath is ready!

  • The water should be warm, not hot when adding mustard powder.
  • Soak for 15 to 20 minutes and you can top up with more warm water to prevent the foot bath getting cold. 
  • Yo can use mustard powder instead of mustard seeds.


  1. Thanks a lot mam
    iam suffering from varicose veins.
    please suggest me some more ideas.

    1. WOW, My sister told me about this mustard bath and I tried in this morning. I have had Bronchitis and was unable to get rid of the nagging cough (even with medication). this recipe works, works, works. Thanks to all. Michele

    2. yes, anything for varicose veins?

    3. For varicose veins gentle massage with warm mustard oil helps. You can also add a few drops of citrus oils to it if you prefer....

  2. I have back paiin so tel some receipes ramya and also dandraff,soft hair

  3. Hi, For any inflammation, we use dry ginger paste poultice: take a dry ginger and rub into a paste with little water and apply on the affected area. For dandruff, fenugreek hair mask (recipe in the blog) is the best, as I am using it for many years now and it will also soften the hair....

  4. Ok Ramya thank u

  5. can you use mustard from a jar?

    1. I would suggest using fresh mustard for best results....

  6. Thank you for all this lovely info about mustard soaking. I have had a nagging cough since Christmas,. I did this today January 16th 2017, will continue until I am over it, I hve Tumeric, Colmans Mustard powder. I must work outside in the elements I am an elementary school crossing guard, in California though this year has been so cold, windy, and rainy. If I want a pay check I must work. This sounds like the English Mothers remedy, that will do the trick.


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