Tuesday, 22 April 2014

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon Milk + Recipe



Cinnamon milk has amazing health benefits, apart from it's wonderful taste.1.For Insomnia - It has been estimated that more than 30% of the population suffer from insomnia. World wide, we are getting 20% less sleep than what our elders did. The alarming thing is that even children are getting affected by insomnia and it has been reported to be increasing day by day. Lack of good night's sleep increases heart problems, causes accidents and affects our performance greatly. Try making a ritual of drinking cinnamon milk before going to bed, if you are suffering from insomnia. 2. For Bone Health - Both honey and cinnamon are great in increasing the bone density, thus preventing arthritis. 3. To Prevent Cancer- The chemicals found in both honey and cinnamon help in preventing cancer. 4. For Immunity- Regular intake of cinnamon milk increases immunity. Make it a point to give this cinnamon milk often to children to increase their immunity. 5. For Good Digestion - cinnamon and honey is an amazing combination for increasing digestive health. Try this milk for a few days, to increase digestive health. 6. For Sore Throat- Cinnamon is a spice that is great for treating sore throat, this milk also will help you get uninterrupted sleep when you are suffering from sore throat. To make cinnamon milk, warm milk in a pan along with a small cinnamon stick. Switch off and add the honey and vanilla, strain and sip it warm.


1. Heat milk in a pan along with a small stick of cinnamon.

2. Remove from fire and add pure vanilla and honey.

3. Strain the mixture and your cinnamon milk is ready!

  • If you use a lot of cinnamon, the smell and taste will be too overpowering. 
  • Instead of heating the milk with cinnamon, you can infuse the cinnamon in the milk after removing from heat. It will give a milder flavor.
  • Try using pure vanilla, instead of artificial vanilla essence.
  • I used organic, grass fed whole milk, but you can use any type of milk you prefer.
  • This milk tastes really delicious, but try not to skip the vanilla in the cinnamon milk.


  1. Will almond milk have the same affect?

  2. Hi Jaylin,
    I think almond milk is a great idea. Since lot of people are milk intolerant, almond milk will be a good substitute. Almond milk also will have the same effect like regular milk....

  3. What is pure vanilla? Where can I get it in Chennai and how do I ask for it? Does it have any health benefits?

  4. Hi Dhivya,
    Pure vanilla is a liquid form of the vanilla bean, which is made by soaking the beans in alcohol & water. I got mine from Thekkady. I don't know where you get pure vanilla in Chennai. But you can easily order it online from amazon. Pure vanilla has both antioxidant & cancer fighting properties. It also has a soothing effect on our body and helps boost our metabolism, apart from tasting wonderful when added to dishes :)

  5. Hello Dhivya,

    Can I use powdered cinnamon, and if so, how much should I use per cup of milk?

    Thank you,

  6. Hi,
    I am Ramya not Dhivya :) Yes try good quality cinnamon powder. Start with 4 to 5 pinches of cinnamon powder for a cup of milk, if you like it then you can increase the quantity.....

  7. Sound good., I will take time to test. Thank for ur sharing

  8. Cinnamon -dalchini also relief from Bad Cholesterol ... good for high cholesterol patient ...

  9. Hi Ramya Mam,
    Can we combine milk and honey for brighten skin,to remove black spots..

    1. Try lemon and honey to remove black spots, you can also add in a bit of kasturi turmeric too...

  10. I heard the cinnamilk with vanilla essence mixture also has benefits of warming up down there, how true is that??


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