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5 Top Horse Gram (Kollu) Weight Loss Recipes | Kollu (Horse Gram) Weight Loss Benefits & Uses


Horse gram also called Kollu in Tamil is a regular part of our diet and we include kollu at least weekly twice in our diet. We regularly make kollu paruppu, kollu sundal, kollu rasam at home and kollu paruppu mixed with rice and little bit of ghee is one my favourite meals. Kollu's botanical name is Macrotyloma Uniflorum and we can get kollu very cheaply all over India. Kollu is called Kulthi Dal in Hindi, Ulavalu in Telugu, Muthira in Kerala, Kulith in Konkan and Hurali in Kannada. Boiled kollu is also one of the ingredients that is regularly fed to horses and that is why it is called as horse gram. Nowadays traditional foods like kollu paruppu is slowly fading and sadly many don't know how to cook kollu at all. Kollu has multiple health benefits and especially it is well known for its weight loss abilities. It has been used as a weight loss aid from ancient times and if any one is over weight, they will be always encouraged to include kollu in their diet regularly. There is also a famous saying in Tamil that goes like this "இளைத்தவனுக்கு எள்ளு, கொழுத்தவனுக்கு கொள்ளு" meaning for people who want to put on weight, sesame seeds will be beneficial and for people who want to lose weight, kollu will greatly help. Here are some of the top reasons why kollu aids in weight loss naturally. 1. Kollu stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels: Kollu has always been suggested as one of the best foods diabetic patients can take, that is because it helps regulate the blood sugar levels very very effectively. Since it keeps the blood sugar levels stable, it greatly control hunger pangs between meals. You can read the study that proves this claim here. 2. Kollu For Reducing Cholesterol & Obesity: Kollu has been repeatedly proven to reduce high cholesterol induced by high fat diets and also it greatly aids in weight loss. You can read the study that proves this use here. 3. Kollu As a Cardio Protective Agent: Kollu has wonderful antioxidant and cardio protective properties and it greatly protects one from getting heart attack. You can read the study that proves it here. Contrary to what many people think, dishes made with kollu is very very tasty. I would chose kollu paruppu with hot steaming rice for lunch than attractive fast foods any day, I don't how to express it but I feel very very satisfied after eating it. I would also suggest encouraging kids to eat kollu from young age to prevent obesity which is increasing day by day. I was given kollu regularly when I was young. Now I make it a point that my son has it too and I am happy to say, like me he also enjoys eating it. If you are looking for ways to lose weight naturally, I would strongly suggest including kollu in your diet at least weekly twice or thrice. I have given recipes using kollu that we make regularly at home, choose and try the ones that you like.....



1. Horse Gram | Kollu Water Recipe For Weight Loss:

To make horse gram water, take horse gram in a bowl, add water and boil till done. Strain the water, add salt and your horse gram water is ready. You can use the boiled horse gram for making kollu paruppu.

2.  Horse Gram | Kollu Podi Recipe For Weight Loss:

To make kollu podi, take 1/2 cup of horse gram and fry in an empty pan till it changes colour and set aside. Fry 2 dry red chillies in empty pan till it changes color and set aside. Now powder horse gram , red chilli along with required amount of salt to a fine powder. Once ground, add 3 pounded raw garlic cloves along with the skin and pulse for a few seconds.

 3. Horse Gram | Kollu Rasam | Soup Recipe For Weight Loss:

To make kollu soup or rasam, boil horse gram with plenty of water and strain the water. Add broken red chillies, tamarind paste, enough salt, tiny pinch of sugar and mix well. Now in a kadai, heat oil, season with mustard and cumin seeds, add pounded small onions and fresh curry leaves and fry for a few seconds. Add the kollu water mixture and let it boil in low flame till it starts foaming and then switch off....

4. Horse Gram | Kollu Sundal Recipe For Weight Loss:  

For kollu sundal, boil kollu, strain the water and take the boiled kollu alone. Now heat a pan with coconut oil, season with mustard. Once it starts spluttering, add asafoetida, channa dal and urad dal. Now add broken red chilli, curry leaves and saute well. Add boiled kollu along with grated coconut. Finally add few drops of lemon juice and coriander leaves and switch off....

5.  Horse Gram | Kollu Paruppu Recipe For Weight Loss:

To make kollu paruppu, boil kollu and strain the water and take the kollu alone. To season, heat oil in a pan. Fry finely cut shallots and red chillies, add coriander powder and cumin powder and fry well. Add the sauteed ingredients to boiled kollu along with salt and little amount of boiled kollu water and grind to a coarse paste. 


  1. Very interesting read, useful recipes. Kudos Ramya!
    Adding garlic to horse gram podi is a good idea.

  2. Helo mam!I hav heard tat kollu is very hot.Since i already hv heat body,can u suggest any alternative to include kollu in my diet?


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