Thursday, 15 June 2017

10 Top Skin, Hair & Health Benefits & Uses Of Neem Powder

I can only call neem tree whose botanical name is Azardirachta Indica, a natures miracle because it magically cures almost all the skin and hair problems. For people who don't have access to fresh neem leaves, neem leaf powder is a wonderful alternative. We have a very very huge neem tree in front of our house that is  more than 100 years old. I am so fond of that tree and I make neem leaf powder during hot summers and use it throughout the year. Neem leaf powder have anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti microbial, anti viral, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties making it a very important ingredient that can be used for treating wide variety of problems. Neem powder have these following amazing health benefits and medicinal uses: 1. Neem Powder For Teeth: Neem has been used for dental care for centuries and in our village we still continue to use it. Neem has antibacterial properties and using it as a tooth powder is one the most effective ways to treat dental problems very effectively. It treats bad breath, plaque and kills bacteria in the mouth effectively. I have given homemade tooth powder recipe using neem powder below. 2. Neem For Pimples (Acne): Neem powder is wonderful for treating acne as it has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties. To use it for treating pimples apply neem face pack regularly. The anti bacterial activity of neem has been proven through clinical research and not surprisingly it was more potent than other ingredients it was tested along with. You can read that study here.
3. Neem For Eczema: Eczema is a skin condition in which skin becomes dry, inflamed, red and extremely itchy. Neem powder is one of the best home remedies for eczema as it helps reduce the inflammation very very effectively. To use for treating eczema, mix neem powder with yogurt and apply as a poultice. 4. Neem For Athlete's Foot & Other Fungal Infections: Neem leaf powder is an amazing home remedy for treating Athlete's Foot as it has anti fungal properties. To treat it, mix 2 tbsp of neem powder along with a handful of Epsom salt in 2 liters of warm water and soak your feet in it. 5. Neem For Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which is characterized by red, itchy and scaly skin. Neem powder when mixed together with turmeric powder and applied as a poultice greatly helps reduce the itching. 6. Neem Powder For Dandruff: Neem powder is an amazing home remedy for dandruff when used as a hair pack. I like to mix neem powder with lemon and yogurt and apply as a hair pack for treating dandruff. 7. Neem Powder For Hair Growth: Neem leaf powder treats almost all the problems of the scalp from itchiness to dandruff so it greatly arrests hair loss and promotes new hair growth. 8. Neem Powder For Head Lice:Neem leaf powder is a natural pesticide and is wonderful for killing head lice. You can also use pure neem oil for head lice but neem oil has a very strong odor. If you don't want to use neem oil, try neem leaf powder hair pack mentioned below, it is highly effective. 9. Neem Powder For Stomach Parasites: Here in our village it is a common practice to take neem balls once every 3 months to get rid of stomach parasites. For the balls, you can grind neem leaf powder along with crystal salt, carom seeds and small piece of dry ginger to a fine paste, make into small balls and swallow one small ball in empty stomach. 10. Neem Powder For Diabetes: Neem powder lowers blood sugar levels when taken internally. Now neem leaf tablets are sold everywhere, you can use it or mix neem powder in water and drink it for controlling blood sugar levels. You can read the study that proves the anti diabetic properties of neem here. Neem Powder Side Effects: Neem powder rarely causes any side effects when used externally and can be used for all types of skin. But when taken internally it might cause stomach irritation for some people due to it's extreme bitterness. How To Make Neem Powder? To make neem powder, collect fresh neem leaves, sun dry till crisp and powder in a dry mixer and store. Where To Buy Neem Powder? You get neem powder easily through online shops, it is cheap and stores well....


1. Neem Powder For Teeth:

Take 1 tbsp of neem powder in a bowl, add in 1/2 tsp of baking soda and a pinch of salt. Use this natural tooth powder to brush your teeth weekly once to prevent tooth decay and mouth odor.

2. Neem Powder Drink For Diabetes:

If your blood sugar levels remain elevated, you can try drinking this neem powder drink by mixing 1/4 tsp of neem powder in a cup of warm water. 

3. Neem Powder Face Pack:

Take required amount of neem powder in a bowl, add in fresh Aloe Vera juice to it and use as a face pack. You can see the video recipe here.  

4. Neem Powder Foot Soak:

Take 1 tbsp of neem powder in a bowl, add in a handful of Epsom salt to it and soak your feet in it to treat all foot infections.

5. Neem Powder Hair Pack:

Take required amount of neem powder in a bowl, add in 1 tsp lemon juice and enough yogurt to form a paste and apply as a hair pack. If you have dry hair, you can add 1/4 tsp of virgin coconut oil to the hair pack too...


  1. Can I sun dry the neem leaves ?
    I'm scared tat if I sun dry them essential oil from the leaves mite vanish 😕

    1. You can sundry the neem leaves as it is the only way to remove the moisture content from it. In my personal experience it does not lose any of it's medicinal values if we sundry...

  2. Wonderful article and well said Ramya...Our native tree which offers so many benefits...The picture with neem fruits beside is lovely...

  3. This is wonderful Ramya. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can we use neem powder for teeth daily? What is the reason for using only once in a week?


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