How to Treat Scabies Rash with Homemade Antiseptic Lotion

Scabies occur commonly all over the world and it affects both adults and children. The worst thing a person experiences, when a person gets scabies is the constant itching, which even prevents them from getting a good nights sleep. Scabies produces small reddish bumps, usually in the creases in the body. This home remedy for scabies consist of two parts, first is the antiseptic wash, which is made with turmeric and burnt shikakai. Before even starting this treatment, wash the sheets and clothes of the infected person separately and sun dry them. Then use the antiseptic wash to wash the affected area well. Then sponge the affected area with a tissue and apply the following lotion. To make the lotion, take fat variety of turmeric and garlic pods in a mortar and pestle. Pound them well. Heat coconut oil in a pan. Once hot, add the pounded spices. Fry till the spices turn golden brown and a nice smell wafts from it. Remove from fire and let it cool down.  Strain the oil. Apply this lotion on the affected area with the help of a feather. Turmeric and garlic infused oil is an antiseptic and kills the mites effectively. This lotion will work well for any skin related diseases and it stores well. If the condition is very very severe, please consult a doctor.

1. Take fat variety of turmeric and garlic pods for pounding.

2. Pound them well in a mortar and pestle.

3. Heat coconut oil in a pan. Once hot, add the spices.

4. Fry till the spices turn golden brown and a nice smell wafts from it. Remove from fire. Cool and strain. Use a feather to apply the lotion on the affected area.


  • Please use this lotion, after using the antiseptic wash.
  • Turmeric and garlic should fry till golden brown.
  • Try using organic turmeric for this remedy.
  • I strained this lotion using a strainer with big holes, that is why you see turmeric residue in the lotion. 



  1. chinky
    November 24, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    Hi Ramya,I need your advice. I think I have got skin infection on my face as long as I apply camphor oil my face is fine. If I apply any cream or carrier oil I start itching and next day line shape 1-2 patches.what remedy you suggest for this.Thanks in advanceHina

  2. Savannah
    April 22, 2016 / 4:49 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I work at an animal shelter and some of the dogs I work with have scabies, and I get it from them. Now I'll feel relieved that there's a remedy. I stumbled upon your blog looking up licorice chew sticks and I love it

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