5 Top Body Cooling Foods That Reduce Body Heat !

foods to reduce body heat

Body heat also called heat stress is a common problem in India and consuming body cooling foods is essential during hot summers. Since India is a hot country, during scorching summers we are exposed to very high temperatures.

Though our body tries to cool it off by sweating we still need to follow certain remedies to help our body cool down so our body’s temperature remains between 97.8 to 99 degrees.

Every year during summer, we usually get so many incidents of heat stroke reported in the newspapers. Whenever I read them I always think that if they would have followed our traditional practices, they could have easily avoided getting heat strokes.

Heat Stroke:

We get heat strokes when our body us exposed to high temperatures for prolonged amount of time which usually happens during peak summers. Usually the chances of a person of getting heat stroke increases if his temperature rises above 104 F.

The common symptoms of heat stroke are headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, rapid heart beat and dry lips. During summers when I don’t regularly consume body cooling foods mentioned below, I feel my skin gets hot and I develop a bad headache.

Home Remedies For Reducing Body Heat Naturally:

Here at home, my grandma always insisted that we follow certain practices during summer like having regular oil bath which is a hot oil treatment done with homemade herbal oil.

She was also very strict about us not consuming sodas and commercial drinks instead we consume loads of homemade nourishing drinks like nannari sherbet, fresh buttermilk, coconut water and palaya satham regularly.

Unlike sodas which are laden with sugar and is highly dehydrating, traditional Indian summer drinks are very hydrating and very affordable too so make sure to stay hydrated with traditional drinks. Also wear only pure cotton clothes during summers.

5 Top Natural Body Cooling Foods 

To prevent heat strokes, try incorporating the recipes mentioned below in your diet daily during summers. Along with these remedies, try to include lots of fresh fruits and wear only cotton clothes. Once you follow these remedies, you can enjoy summer without experiencing any negative effects…

1. Vetiver Water:

cold foods for body


Vetiver root also called as khus root in Hindi is an amazing body coolant. It is also very very fragrant. During hot summers, we add a small bunch of the roots to our drinking water, vetiver water is very fragrant and very very cooling. Also try to use a mud pot to store the vetiver water, it is super cooling and refreshing. You can read more about vetiver here.

2. Nannari Syrup:

body cooling foods  

Nannari syrup also called as Indian sarasaparilla is wonderful in bringing the body heat down. During hot scorching summers, if you visit any Indian home, you will be mostly offered buttermilk or refreshing nannari sharbat. The syrup is made by boiling nananri roots in water along with a sweetener and is very healthy. I regularly make it at home, you can the recipe for it here.

3. Palaya Satham:

heat reducing remedies

Palaya sadham which is nothing but left over rice soaked in water is a wonderful body coolant. We have it mixed with buttermilk and salt. It is our traditional breakfast and it is a great remedy for reducing body heat. We also have it with small onions also called as shallots in English which also reduces body heat. You can find the benefits and recipe for making palaya sadham here.

4. Jigirthanda:

remedy for reducing body heat

Jigirthanda which is nothing but rose flavored milk made with basil seeds, rose petal jam, rose syrup, milk and almond gum reduces body heat naturally. This is one of my favorite desserts that tastes wonderful and has amazing health benefits. It reduces body heat, has a soothing effect on our stomach and is a perfect summer dessert for both kids and adults, you can find the recipe for making it here.

5. Jeera Water:

body heat remedies

Jeera water made by boiling jeera seeds in water is an another summer drink recipe that reduces body heat naturally. Jeera water is actually drunk on a daily basis in Kerala and we do make it regularly during summers. It is also a drink that is very safe and can be given to everyone including very young kids to older people. You can find the link for the recipe here.

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