5 Amazing Benefits & Uses Of Rose Petals For Skin, Hair, Lips & Health

If you haven’t tried using rose petals for beauty treatments, then you are greatly missing out on it’s wonderful benefits. Rose petals smell amazing and any treatment made with rose petals is so very soothing and can be used for almost all types of skin.

1. Rose Petals For Skin Care:

Sandalwood and rosewater paste is a very effective home remedy for prickly heat. During hot summer months, we get small itchy heat rashes commonly called prickly heat. It is especially common in toddlers and small babies. When the babies scratch the area where it itches, it worsens the condition even more.

Mild form of heat rashes can be treated wonderfully at home with this prickly heat treatment. We treat it with rose petals and sandalwood paste. The rose petals are ground together with rosewater. Then the sandalwood paste is obtained by rubbing a piece of sandalwood bark on the sandalwood stone, with rosewater till we get a nice thick paste.

Both of these pastes are mixed and applied on the affected area. This sandalwood and rosewater paste is so soothing, that it will immediately reduce the itching and cure prickly heat very quickly. Fresh sandalwood paste can be substituted with good quality sandalwood powder too. I have given step by step instructions for making it below.

2. Rose petals for Pink Lips:

Rose petals can be used as an effective treatment for lightening dark lips. For this treatment, grind fresh rose petals along with little boiled water to a smooth paste and strain to get a smooth liquid. Mix alum powder with this rose petal water and massage it gently on the lips for a few seconds and wash it off.

3. Rose Petal Face & Bath Powder For Fair Skin:

This rose petal bath powder is very fragrant and should be made in peak summer. This bath powder has green gram dal, wild turmeric, white turmeric/ poolan kilangu and dried rose petals. Rose petals reduces wrinkles, brightens the skin tone and prevents the skin from sun damage.

Wild turmeric is called “kasturi manjal” in Tamil and it is very fragrant than normal turmeric. We use kasturi manjal for most of our skin preparations, as it reduces blemishes and pimples. Green gram dal is a very good natural body cleaner and it keeps our body cool.

White turmeric (Zedoary)  is called ” Poolan kilangu” in Tamil. It helps in healing any damage to the skin and prevents infections. To make this powder, first collect pesticide free roses, remove the petals and sun dry them till completely dry.

Take the measured out green gram dal, white turmeric/ poolan kilangu, wild turmeric in a wide plate and sun dry it for a day. We usually use the dried varieties of  both the turmerics. Add the dried rose petals to the dried mixture and powder them finely in a mixer.

Sieve the mixture and store it. To use, take the required amount of powder and mix it with water to make a paste. Scoop the mixture and rub it all over the body like soap and wash it off. You will find great difference in your skin texture if you use this bath powder regularly.

4. Rose Petals For Hair:

Rose water made using fresh rose petals can used as a final hair rinse. It will make the hair smell heavenly at the same time condition the hair and prevent split ends.

5. Rose Petals For Weight Loss:

Rose petal tea made with fresh rose petals is full of antioxidants and helps to get rid of toxins from the body effectively thus helping in natural weight loss. To make the rose petal tea, boil a cup of water along with a handful of fresh rose petals. Once the petals wilt, strain and sweeten with honey. I have used a fragrant variety of roses popularly called paneer roses in India for all these treatments, but you can use any fresh roses that has not been sprayed with pesticides.

Rose Water & Sandalwood Paste For Skin Care:

1. Separate the petal from the roses and wash them well and drain the water completely. Grind the petals to a smooth paste in a blender or using a mortar and pestle.

2. Wash the sandal wood stone. Add little rosewater to the stone and rub a piece of sandalwood bark on the stone in a circular motion till you get enough sandal wood paste.

3. Mix both the paste together well and apply on the affected area.


  • Try to use fresh rose petals.
  • Make sure to use home made rosewater, else use boiled water.
  • If you are treating small babies, make sure to wash the blender well to get rid of any spiciness in it.
  • Because I have ground it in a mortar and pestle, the paste is not too smooth. If you grind the petals in the blender you get a very smooth paste.


  1. Rebecca
    November 11, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Forgive my ignorance… what is and where can I obtain sandalwood stone? Also, where do you get quality sandalwood? Thank you!

    • Ramya (Wildturmeric)
      November 12, 2018 / 8:54 pm

      Hi Rebecca, traditionally sandalwood stones are passed from one generation to next, I got mine from my mother in law but I beleive you can order one online easily. As for sandalwood stick, I got mine from government khadi shop near my place…

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