Top 5 Benefits of Hot Compress For Eyes, Cyst, Stye, Boil & Pimples

Hot Compress has amazing benefits with no side effects at all. We can easily make different compress to treat variety of problems at home itself. Salt compress is called “Uppu Vedhu” in Tamil. I use sea salt or crystal salt as it is readily available at home, but use the one that you have at home.

To make the compress, salt is warmed in an empty pan over low heat. Then it is immediately transferred to a cloth, and tied into a bundle. This bundle is used as a compress on the cyst. You can also use this salt compress for treating small bruises, infections and swellings but don’t use it on open wounds.

Make sure to switch off once the salt has warmed up or the salt will start melting. This remedy is very handy as we always have crystal salt at home. When using it on children, make sure to test the heat of the bundle each time on yourself before using it on them as the salt gets heated fast.

Hot Compress Benefits:

1. Hot compress for Stye:

Hot compress is one of the best and effective remedy for stye. For stye, we apply a special paste made by rubbing a special type of clay called namakatti along with boiled water. The paste dries very fast on the skin and once it dries up, we apply warm compress by placing warmed towel over it. This gives good relief from stye very fast. I personally use only this remedy whenever anyone gets stye in my family.

2. Hot Compress For Pimples:

Sometimes pimples that are huge and deep can be painful, applying warm compress over the pimples helps in greatly reducing the pain. A simple hot cloth compress dipped in hot water mixed with a bit of turmeric powder will work good for pimples. Squeeze out the water completely before using it on the pimples.

3. Hot Compress For Eyes:

To relieve the pain in the eyes due to eye problems like stye or pink eye, a simple hot water compress or tea bag compress will work fine. Dip a clean wash cloth in warm water, squeeze out the water completely and place it over the eyes

4. Hot Compress for Boils:

Hot compress is one of the best treatments for boils as it helps it mature faster and drain quickly. Dip a thick cotton cloth in warm water mixed with Epsom salt and place it over the boil. Epsom salt reduces inflammation and it will lessen the pain. Continue doing this treatment as often as you can to get relief fast.

5. Hot Compress For Cyst:

Of all the hot compress methods salt compress is my favorite and it is the best treatment for cyst. Salt compress can be used for treating water retention too. People suffering from water retention will have swollen legs accompanied by severe pain, hot salt compress will give good relief for that.

How To Apply A Hot Compress:

1. Heat a thick bottomed pan, once hot add 1 cup of crystal salt to it. Fry the salt till it is warm to the touch.

2. Once the salt gets warm, immediately transfer it to a clean cloth and tie it into a bundle.

3. Apply this compress on the affected area. Press the bundle on the cyst for few seconds, remove and then repeat till the salt loses its heat.

4. Once the salt cools down, reheat the pan and place the bundle on top of it till it gets warm again. Just few minutes is enough for the salt to get heated. Use again.


  • Make sure not to over heat the salt.
  • Always check the heat of the bundle before applying directly on the cyst as salt gets heated pretty fast.
  • Use thick bottomed pan for doing this.


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  1. Afifa Kauser
    March 28, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    I hav got boils on my armpit and private area my naturopathy doc suggested me to apply neempaste+asafoetida

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