Traditional oil bath is called with different names in India: Saturday Oil Bath | Sesame Oil Bath | Ayurvedic Oil Bath | Ennai Kuliyal in Tamil | Gingelly Oil Head Bath | Oil Bath in… View Post

Our neighbor in our village used to collect curry leaves from our farm regularly. One day when I was talking to her, she mentioned about this curry leaf hair oil. She said that, she has… View Post

Ginger has so many medical properties and especially this remedy using dry ginger for treating headaches is very famous here in Tamil Nadu. We always have dry ginger (Sukku in Tamil) at home and we… View Post

Fenugreek seeds are called methi seeds in Hindi and vendhayam in Tamil. Since it is a common kitchen ingredient, we use it a lot in remedies and especially it’s very famous for treating all scalp… View Post

Ajwain seeds (Hindi name) commonly called “Omum” in Tamil, “Bishop’s weed” in English are small, grayish color seeds with a very strong distinctive smell. The decoction of the seeds got by boiling the seeds in… View Post

My first post! I had no doubt about what I wanted to post first. It has to be turmeric, because turmeric was one of the main reasons I started the blog. I suffered from abscess… View Post